About The Harnham Water Meadows Trust

Find Out About Us and
Our Work

The Harnham Water Meadows Trust was formed in 1990 with the aim of protecting the historic and scientifically important meadows that sit in view of the beautiful Salisbury Cathedral.

The meadows, formed in the 17th century, were originally there to provide grazing, hay and crafting materials for the growing local economy. They also acted, and still do, as a flood defence for the city, which was built on ancient meadowland itself.

Our Goals

Our main aim is to manage the natural beauty of the meadows by keeping them operating as they did centuries ago. This includes the clearing of ditches and maintenance of the water channels, as well as pruning and trimming of plants and trees. The 84 acres include a Site of Special Scientific Interest and are home to many types of wildlife and plant life.

Our small local Salisbury charity runs solely with the help of our valued volunteers. From our team of Trustees to our hardworking Diggers, everyone is important in the ongoing running of the charity.


Public and Private Tours

Encouraging people to use the meadows and educating them on the historical and scientific value is part of our role. We organise and encourage educational and academic visits for students from primary school age through to university students. Throughout the year, we hold public and private tours to educate and inform people on the importance of these unique meadows.

We can organise access for those interested in using the meadows for art classes, painting, drawing, photography and filming. Media, the press and individuals can also apply for a licence to use the meadows, which is organised through the Trust.

Support Us!

Another significant role we have as a charity is to secure donations so we can continue our good work into the future. We rely on our supporters to keep the charity afloat, along with a small portion of grants.

To help us conserve this place of natural beauty, please consider becoming a supporter. Every donation, no matter how large or small, is used wisely to keep this historical part of Salisbury as a working water meadow, and as beautiful as it has been for many centuries.


If you would like to help us continue our vital work, please consider joining us as a volunteer. Find out more by reading our Supporting Us page.