Rural Crafts Heritage  Project

The aim of this Heritage Lottery and Wiltshire Council Funded project is to promote, record and conserve the rural crafts of South Wiltshire.


Crafts will be demonstrated and project materials, exhibitions and young learners pack will be created to interpret the project within Rose Cottage, our dedicated exhibition and learning centre at Harnham, Salisbury.


Oral histories will be collated from craft practitioners and the crafts will be researched and documented, showing their rise and decline, their place in the rural calendar, how they enrich the environment and impact positively on the community.

The histories, expert analysis and galleries will be freely accessible on a touchscreen at Rose Cottage along with an exhibition, ensuring the learning experience lasts beyond the life of the project.

It will also be available on this website and on memory sticks ensuring that the project materials will be free of charge and accessible to all.


An Open Day will be held on the 18th May 2019 on the Water Meadows, with exhibitions and demonstration, including hurdle making, coppicing, hedge laying,  scything, basket making, green woodworking, beekeeping, herbal medicine, lace making, spinning, weaving, pottery and bread making.

Touch boxes for schools, and an academic paper will be created.


This rural heritage is of national importance and relevant to our community today as it can stimulate the economy, help the environment, enrich lives and, contribute to a positive message of wellbeing for Salisbury, for the community and beyond.  It is also essential that it is recorded and researched in order to conserve these ancient practices for future generations.


If you could contribute by supplying oral reminiscences, photographs or documents, or are happy to supply artifacts or a little time to interview contributors, please contact Hadrian Cook

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